Revolution or Evolution?

The automotive industry is facing tremendous changes. The question is no longer if, but when, the majority of drive systems will have electrified powertrains. The question is no longer if, but when, autonomous driving will lead to the next level of mobility. The question is no longer if, but when, a new disruptive technology will appear and change everything again.

And through this all is the question: how will all-wheel drive be influenced by these developments? Will it be a smooth process that transforms today's AWD systems to meet the future requirements, or will game changing technologies immediately replace AWD as we know it today? In short: will this change be revolutionary or evolutionary?

The European All-Wheel Drive Congress 2017 will address these concerns, as well as many other questions the industry is facing today. In order to most effectively cover the whole spectrum of AWD technologies, the 2017 Congress will include discussions regarding conventional AWD, alternative approaches to hybridization and the variety of electrification options. Furthermore, we will discuss in great detail the impacts of control strategies for modern AWD systems.



Magna Powertrain

Magna Powertrain is a premier supplier for the global automotive industry with full capabilities in powertrain design, development, testing and manufacturing. Offering complete system integration sets us apart from our competitors.

Our innovations make an important contribution to the overall performance of the vehicle. They improve fuel economy, make the vehicle safer and lighter, ensure a pleasurable driving experience and provide value to our customer.

In line with increasing environmental pressure, many of Magna Powertrain‘s innovations focus on electronically controlled technologies, supporting the quest for improved efficiency and reduced emissions.

Manufacturing locations, engineering centers and sales offices are situated close to our global customer base, stretching throughout all regions of the world.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Driveline Systems
  • Fluid Pressure & Controls
  • GETRAG Transmissions
  • Metal-Forming Solutions
  • Hybrid- & EV Components


Focus Topics


The EAWD'17 will focus on the following topics:

  • Modern AWD Concepts
  • Electrical Drives - Controls, Strategies and Energy Management
  • AWD Components and Systems
  • Safety Aspects in AWD
  • Design and Validation Aspects - Driveability
  • Platform Strategies for 2WD and AWD Vehicles
  • Alternatives to AWD

Program Committee

  • Klaus Lippitsch, Magna Powertrain / Chair
  • Gabriel Beldie, BorgWarner
  • Frederico Cheli, Politecnico di Milano
  • Wilfried Eichelseder, Technical University of Leoben
  • Peter Fischer, Graz University of Technology
  • Kay Hameyer, RWTH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
  • Joachim Horst, GKN
  • Reinhardt Huber, AVL List
  • Didier Lexa, Magna Powertrain - GETRAG
  • Werner Ness, Magna Powertrain
  • Walter Sackl, Magna Powertrain